Buying and Selling in Houston

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Houston’s a massive city! It’s the largest in Texas and the third largest in the nation, based on population alone. As far as actual size, Houston is one of the largest in terms of how much land it actually covers. This is because the city has spread outwards and there are many different suburbs surrounding that. With so many areas and such a large city comes a huge range of homes that are available to those that want to settle down and own their own house.

There are many thousands of real estate agents here in Houston. Only some know the city well enough to place matchmaker for families and homes.

Our goal is to make sure that we’re able to offer the top real estate agents in Houston for those that are looking to find their perfect home.

Do you know exactly what kind of home you want?

Do you know the exact style, color, exterior, interior?

What about the neighborhood that will have the best chances to have the house you’re looking for?

How about school systems, churches, stores, office spaces, recreational centers, and other community areas?

When you’re dealing with a city like Houston, there are going to a LOT of options when it comes to finding the perfect home.

Anywhere from environment and schools to style of home and even the HOA or neighborhood watch.

Finding the right place for you would take a very long time if you don’t know the areas of the city well or if you’re totally new to Houston.

That’s where a real estate agent comes in.

Understanding the market, where the right homes fit for the right people is our job.

We are the matchmaker for people looking for their dream home.

If you’re looking for an average home that is 2 to 3 bedrooms, you may consider looking in some of the suburbs such as Humble, Pasadena, League City, Jersey Village, or Cypress.

Some of the homes that are higher in value are going to be in the Sugar Land area, or maybe even closer to the city like Memorial City or around Rice Village.

Our real estate agents in Houston are pretty familiar with each location in the city and generally have a list of homes that are available to go after.

The process works like this:

Give the agent a general idea of what your ideal home might be like, including:

  • Neighborhood style
  • What is important to be close by (parks, schools, office)
  • Importance of the school system
  • House style
  • How many bedrooms
  • Kitchen style
  • Backyard

From there they will be able to narrow down all the available homes that match this criteria.

This will allow you to start checking out some of those properties and identify things that your family may or may not like, which further helps the process by narrowing down any other similar properties that match.

Eventually, once you find a set of homes that could be potentials, it comes down to the negotiation process.

A good real estate agent will find the home for you.

A great real estate agent will close the home for you.

It’s time to get the best deal you can for your ideal home, leaving more in your budget to customize it and make changes as you see fit.

This is what we do, and we match people up with their ideal homes every single day.